All about... Mindy!

Before reading this post, check out this post on my sister, Mindy's, blog... 

Ok, now we can continue. Pretty funny eh!? Ya she thought so lol. But what kind of sister would I be if I never did a post about her! So as my sister Mindy stated that I am the pro at ugly faces (And yes I have some good ones) But the real truth to the story is I learned them from her! Yes, Mindy forgot to mention that she taught me how to make ugly faces and I have proof... 

I KNOW RIGHT! Yes she is the BEST at it! K, don't mind the outfit or the hair, we're looking at the face here people! Ha. K now to the part about the christmas tree costume. Pretty hilarious!!! I don't blame Mindy for not wanting to put a picture up from when she wore the one my mom made but I think it was because she never had access to a picture. BUT... I DO! I found an album of my mom's with a halloween picture in it and luckily there she was. Mindy-The Christmas Tree! BAHAHAH! (Love you Min!!!)

Aren't we cute!? I think all these costumes my mom made, we always had the best ones. Don't you think??? I'm not sure what my mom was exactly thinking when she thought Mindy should be a Christmas Tree for Halloween... But she did get first place at school! LOVE YOU MIN!


Summer fun

Hey bloggers!!! Well Ones that read this ha. I haven't blogged in a very long time, since March! This year since Laynie was born has been INSANE! Jeff has had 2 elbow surgeries and his gall bladder removed (which may I add, didn't solve anything) It sucks having his health so low right now but we're hoping he's back to normal sooner than later. So this past year I've kind of been a single mother taking care of my hubby and Laynie. It hasn't been to bad but it has been such a big help having awesome family around to help! Other than all that, nothing much has happened. We have just been enjoying our time together, even though  Jeff's been sick, and hanging out a home most the time. This summer we got out a few times with family. Went to Red Rock, Waterton Dam for boating, Kalispell/Big Sky Waterslides for 2 days, been to the public outdoor pool, and of course had a few trips to Lethbridge. Our biggest event to happen is Laynie turned 1!!! I can't believe a whole year has gone by, it's so crazy! She is getting so big and learning so much. She isn't walking yet but yesterday took a few steps if she "thought" I was hanging onto her lol, she has 0 teeth but maybe soon, she folds her arms, claps, plays peek-a-boo, waves hi/bye, she eats anything we give her (her favorites are bananas and any sort of snack) I bet she can eat a banana faster than anyone I know! Ha she downs a whole one within 45 secs at least! Her favorite show is Backyardigans and she loves sitting in her new princess chair and watch the show with her dolly and a snack of course. She loves getting into everything! She loves the bathrooms and our bedroom for some reason. She is a waterbaby and has been since she was born! She loves baths and swimming in any water. She even liked Red Rock and that water is FREEZING! She loves coming shopping with me and riding in the cart. She is always super good when we go places and just likes to watch everyone and what they are doing. I could go on and on with the things she does but I don't want to brag to much ;) 

              For sale! Yes our house is on the market and we are wanting to sell it asap and rent something cheaper. Jeff is in the application process for the RCMP so we're hoping once his elbow heals fully, he can finish and hopefully get accepted! It would be such a blessing financially and it's a good stable job. So if he does get in, he will be at training for 6 months in Regina and it would be better to be in something smaller and less up-keep while he's gone. It's going to be hard with him not here but I'm all for it because I know he'll love his job and it would be so good for us in the long run! 

Well here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately! Enjoy :)

Playing in her princess pool on the driveway

 Jeff cooking steaks on the new BBQ!

Date Night!

Kalispell! Big Sky Waterslides!

Mommy and Laynie

 Hanging out in the sun

 Laynie cuddling her favorite stuffy!

The Birthday Girl!

 Her new chair! She was so excited!

 Happy Birthday Laynie!


Party Hard!

Birthday parties of course! On thursday was my mom's birthday! We went to my parents house to celebrate with family and friends. Jeff only came for a little bit because he is super sick, now we know it's strep :( He has the worst luck with getting sick and a very low immune system! sucky! Anyways, we had dinner and opened presents and just visited for the evening. It was lots of fun!

Aunty Stephanie and Laynie

All tired out from the party!

 Us girls!

 Happy Birthday Grandma!

 Laynie and Mommy!  Gotta love her :)

Last night, Jeff stayed home, while I went out to Mountain View with Laynie to celebrate our friend's, Josh and Kim's, little boys 1st Birthday! I love when we can get together with friends and just have a good time hanging out and visiting. The kids had so much fun too!

Me with my leading lady. She loved this balloon and all the kids got to take one home!

 Little Ryenn. What a doll!

 The big birthday boy Aiden (and the only picture I got ha)

 What a cheese Kami is. Love her!

And she LOVED the red icing if you can't tell...

Now of course I have to show you some cute pictures of our baby girl! She is so much fun!

Love this picture!

 Got into the wipes! And we now can no longer leave her in here unattended. The other day I found her on her knees hanging onto the edge! Silly girl!

 LOVED the arrowroot cookie! May I point out the "loved" part... I should have taken the advice of my wise sister, Mindy, sooner, because the other day Laynie broke a piece off and started choking on it. Exactly why Mindy didn't give her kids them. Luckily I was able to get it out! No more arrowroot cookies for her.

She loves her laundry basket. Right now it holds all her toys and she will play with the edge of it all the time. So we decided to give her a little ride in it :)

Her new outfit from Bass Pro Shops! Laynie also loves Jeff's hats. So we bought one of her very own from the same place. I'll get a picture of her wearing it soon!

My little lady.

This is what I live for.


6 months already!

My little lady is already 6 months! Well technically not till tomorrow but what's one day? It feels like it's been longer than 6 months but then other days, it feels like time has flown by! She is learning and growing so much! Yesterday we went to her 6 month check-up. She now weighs 16 lbs. 14 oz., 27 inches long and healthy as ever! There is one thing we have noticed since Laynie was born and that is that her ears are different sizes! Most people would never notice, but being her parents of course we do! Hopefully she doesn't get teased later in life ahha! There is something new she is learning all the time and it makes me so excited! She is now talking all the time, grabbing toys, looks at you when you call her name, rolling over both ways,  almost sitting up by herself, getting up on her hands and knees, scoots around everywhere, and eating solids! She loves sweet potatoes, peas, and rice cereal but is very unsure of fruit lol. The way Laynie gets around the living room is by going on her hands and feet and pushing her toes so she scoots forward. It's so funny to watch how quick she is at it! Laynie is now to big for the swing and bouncy chair! Crazy I know, but sometimes I still use the chair because she loves it so much! She is now taking good naps and sleeping longer at night, even though she'll wake up a couple times, she'll go to sleep right away and still gets in about 12 hours! I don't know what life would be without her! She is so entertaining and I would go insane being at home alone without her! She recognizes Jeff and I as Mom and Dad but will play strange with family and friends all the time! She has a classic face for it to! I know she is going to have such a personality by the time she is one and it's crazy to think that is in another 6 months! Well here are the latest snapshots of our baby girl and what she has been up to! Enjoy :)

Cute as a Cupcake? She sure is!

Laynie and Daddy with her Valentine's present from him!

This is another new one, falling asleep in the jumper.

Yum! (Oh, and check out my cupcake cookie jar.)

She loves being naked!

No judging!!! ha Laynie has blankets on the sides of her crib because we don't
have a bumper pad yet. So this morning she woke up from her nap and had pulled
down all the blankets with her leg through the bars! What a silly girl!

This is what I live for.


Sleep deprived?

So the other day I was on the computer and I glanced over at Laynie and this is what I found...
TA DA!!!

What a big girl she is getting! She is learning so quickly. Ever since she was born she has been so strong and smart! I just love her to pieces... Come on, how could you not with those cheeks!? 

So when Laynie was born I had a friend recommend this book and until recently, I never read it. Now I wish I had! It has been such a big help with Laynie's sleep and mine. I can now get Laynie to nap twice a day for 1 1/2hrs - 2 1/2hrs and it works miracles when it comes to the night time. Normally Laynie was waking up 3 times-ish in the night and now she's so much better! Last night for instance, because of the book, we now put Laynie to bed at 8:30 (which use to be 10:00). She slept straight till 4:00 a.m., I fed her, and back to bed she went till 9:00!!! So much better than before and I get good sleep to! I recommend this book to any of you sleep deprived mom's... Or if you are just looking for little more alone time with your hubby!!!

This is what I live for.



These past couple weeks I have been browsing DIY blogs like crazy! I found some super cute stuff I've made/going to make. When I make stuff, I always have that proud moment for myself after it's complete! It makes me feel so good that I did it and didn't just buy it from the store. So here is a couple of the projects I have completed...

I made this camera strap cover for my sister and I think it turned out pretty cute!
(credit goes to www.thecottagehome.blogspot.com) 

My beautiful flower! I also made another one that is pink with a black flower for Laynie's room
(credit goes to www.makeit-loveit.com)

Our baby girl is getting so big, so today while Jeff was at Physio, I got the guts to finally get Laynie's ear's pierced!!! I wanted to get them done a couple months ago but couldn't face myself to do it and put her through the pain. So today I finally did and of course she cried pretty good but got over it within a mintue. I think they look adorable on her and when I surprised Jeff, he loved them!!! So here is our happy girl with a little "bling" to go with her cute face!

See, look how happy she is!!!

A close up.

This is what I live for.


Our little water baby

We finally took our baby girl swimming!!! I have been wanting to for the past month or so and we finally got some friends together and all went! Laynie did so good! She never fussed or cried and we even put her under the water 4 times! She was such a good girl! We were going to borrow a swimsuit from a friend of mine for Laynie, but luckily we found the cutest little swimsuit at the mall right before we went! So here are the lack of pictures we got because everytime we turned the camera on it would fog up seconds later! Oh well at least we got some and besides, we had a ton of fun!!!

the gang (except Jeff. He's taking the picture!)

Daddy and Laynie

Mommy and Laynie

So hungry after swimming!


She's getting so big!

So yesterday we took Laynie to get her first shots! Ya we are a little late, but better late than never right? The first shot they did, she didn't even cry! She just sat there wondering what had just happened! Then the second and third she cried but was over it within one minute after a few cuddles from daddy and mommy! We then took her to the pediatrician for a check up appointment to see how well she is doing with her weight gain. She is now 4 months old (where has the time gone!?) and weighs 14lbs. 5oz. and a big 25in. long!!! That puts her in the 75 percentile with her weight and last check up she was only in the 45 percentile! I'm so glad she is growing so well! She has her little rolls that I LOVE to death and I think her legs are pretty cute too with the thigh roll :) Her hair is getting really long but unfortunately it has "thinned" a little lol poor girl, but hoping it'll thicken out soon! She's such a blessing in mine and Jeff's life! And back to this post, how the song says, "Never Grow Up", well it's too late, she's already on her way!


When I was little I wore this sailor dress...

And now my baby girl can!!!!

This is what I live for :)