So I have a sister, Mindy, who has a home business making home decor and children decor. They are all super cute and right now she is having a Christmas give away!!! Go to her blog,http://www.theburntdaisy.blogspot.com/ and it will tell you how to enter!! Good luck!... To me ;)


What happens in Vegas...

Here's a little of what happened in vegas... and yes our hot bodies stayed:(

Beautiful Las Vegas temple
Awesome hotel resort we stayed at!
Mans playground, Concrete Show! Brittany was a great sport!
After the Phantom of the Opera, at the Venetian Theatre


The Time of Our Lives*

Here's a small preview of our wedding. Such a hectic day but we loved it!

ok so i figured i needed to write something on here to make it more exciting while i figure out how to put pictures on here! Well we're busy that's all i can say! we work then i get home tidy the house, make dinner, visit with my hubby, work out, shower, laundry cause it takes us about a full week to finally get it done! We are starting to work out and have goal 6 weeks from now. I'm gonna miss candy! lol. it's pretty much my weakness so jeff is taking all our junk to work every day i feel so alone without it!!! oh well i will look hot in 6 weeks so wish us luck. Ok so i work at the doctor clinic and 3 girls are prego! so i see them every day and i can not wait to have a baby! i pretty much envy them but i know at the right time things will happen. I gotta ask my sister's how they handled it or if they didn't think about it lol?!? but i'm sure they did. We're starting out house soon just gotta wait for the snow to go away and grounds to unthaw. But if anyone has any ideas and advice i am glad to listen! until next time...