Pea in the... Uterus? ha

We saw him/her! Yes we sure did! The ultrasound went really good! Unfortunately we had a grumpy lady doing it, but we made the best of it. At first I layed on the bed and she took pictures and measured the head, etc. It was kind of frustrating because she wouldn't turn the screen for me to see right away so I sat there for the majority of the time not being able to see. It was really cool for Jeff because he got to see everything!!! I'm kind of jealous but I'm glad he got to experience it the way he did! He wanted to ask the lady if he could move the thing around himself on my belly but because of her "professional attitude" it kind of threw us off so he never asked. Maybe next time!! Then the last 5 mintutes she showed the screen to both of us and I loved every second of it! I held Jeff's hand and I think for me at that moment I knew 100% that I wanted this baby and I know I can't wait to be a mom! The whole time the baby was moving around but of course, I couldn't feel it at all lol, I'm hoping in the next week or so we will be able to feel it kicking and moving around! So last night once we were in bed, Jeff downloaded some classical music and we put earphones on my belly to see if the baby would move. No success! But It was fun to still have the baby listen to music, maybe it'll come out a Baby Einstein lol. At least it is healthy and everything is running smoothly. We just can't wait for this little one to get here, we already love it so much! P.S. Here are pictures of this post and Easter morning, which consisted of Jeff and I hiding each others candy and finding it! It was still fun :)



A "little" update.

Yes a little update because... I felt a little baby kick! Yes, on Monday April 5 I was sitting on the couch and thought I had felt the baby but wasn't to sure. So, I put my hand where I felt it and it kicked!!! I was so excited!!! But for some reason, this baby of ours has been quiet ever since ha. Oh well, i'm hoping this week or next I will feel more because today I am 18 weeks and they say between 18-22 weeks you should feel the baby kicking and moving around. Tomorrow is our first ultrasound! I am really anxious and i'm just hoping the baby is all there! We aren't finding out for this one but maybe the next and then we will see what we like better. Lately I have been getting "round ligament pains". Mostly on my right side so when it gets really bad I lay on my left side and the pain goes away without all the weight sitting on it. My belly is getting bigger! Even my little sister said that she was sad I had no belly but after they got back Monday from their 5 day trip to Oregon, they already noticed my belly getting big! It makes me so comfortable wearing tighter shirts now, now that I have a belly and not just a fatty tummy! Well that's about all that has been happening. The house is slowly but surely coming along and hopefully we been in their once we are back from our trip to Hawaii! Cross your fingers :)