To busy, or just lazy??

Long time no blog!!! Everything is crazy around here that's for sure! We have done so much and yet have so much to do!
April 28- My 20th Birthday!!! Yes I am no longer a teenager that's right! For my birthday I only asked Jeff for one thing and that was a glider with the footrest.. and... I GOT IT! He bought it for me for my birthday/mother's day present because I really wanted it for when the baby comes. But of course we can't take it out of the box because we have no where to put it. So it's in our garage at the new house waiting patiently to be opened.
On April 29 at 5:00a.m. we went to the airport in Calgary to go too HAWAII!! It finally came and now is gone but it was a ton of fun! On our way there we decided to use buddy passes, which in the end didn't really save us any money and caused us a ton of headache! We were wanting to get on the plane at 8:00 to Vancouver but of course the weather was horrible so planes got cancelled and pushed back, so we didn't get out of their till 9:30 and once in Vancouver had to wait 7 hours to fly out to Hawaii on a 5 1/2 hour flight!!! Never again will we do buddy passes! Good thing we had booked our flight home! Minus the whole airport drama the trip was fun! We got their Thursday around 9:30 Hawaii time but were to tired to go out, so we just went to our hotel. (Which was only for the 1 night till Kristy and Brandon got there the next day... luckily.) The hotel room was hilarious because it was so small it just made us laugh! They tried fitting anything possible into it. Table and 2 chairs, 3 dressers, night tables, kingsize bed, and a full bath. It must have only been 200 sq/ft if that!!! Oh well at least we had a balcony which had a good view and it was cheap, memories right!!! The next day Kristy and Brandon flew in so we picked them up and had a week of fun! Full of snorkeling (which by the way Jeff did every day! He loved it!), food, swimming, tans, shopping, hot tubbing, Polynesian Centre, Dole Plantation, big sea turtles, Hanauma Bay, and more! We came back with decent tans and missed the Alberta snow storms! Perfect time for us to get away that's for sure!
So now we're back home to the regular schedule of working and getting the house done! Oh and by the way, Jeff's brother's did our cabinets for us while we were gone!!! It was a big surprise and takes a lot of stress off us! It would have taken us forever.
Mother's Day... was good. lol We didn't do much really other then going to my grandparents with my Dad, since my mom and Steph were in Mexico (lucky girls), and had dinner, hung out for a bit then came home. We are going to go out for dinner this week to make-up for it. But then again I did get my glider and I love it!!!
Well Father's Day is coming up and I have no idea's for Jeff. I will have to brainstorm and see what to do. He says he doesn't want anything but how boring is that being his first Father's Day, even if the baby isn't here! I still want to make it special for him. So any idea's, please throw them my way! Thanks :)
Right now we are living with Jeff's parents which isn't so bad. We get fed and have a place to sleep so it's all good, but we are really wanted to get the house done so we can have a place to ourselves! Cross your fingers we have enough motivation to get in there in a few weeks!!! We have to still put on the countertops which is all cut out and ready to go, finish 2/3 bathroom floor tiling plus grout, hardwood, carpet, railing, and just small finishing stuff! So it's getting there we just have to work hard so we can get settled there before the baby is here!
Yes i'm already 24 weeks pregnant!!! It's so crazy how time flies but in a way I keep hoping it goes by a bit faster because I'm really anxious and excited! We don't know what we're having so that's another thing to look forward to! The baby has been kicking a lot FINALLY! It use to be so idol and sleep all the time but now it loves to roll around and kick! Not huge kicks but enough to have other's feel! That's good enough right?... Jeff felt it really good for the first time the other night, It was really cool! And now he can feel it pretty much every day! But it is mostly moving late at night, hopefully it won't be that way when it's out of me! So far I've gained 18 lbs. which isn't to bad, I just hope it'll come all off in the end ha! I have been getting stretch marks on my boobs, of course, and my butt and area... ha. None on my stomach so far so hopefully maybe it'll stay that way. At least Jeff tells me I look hot! Makes me feel good even though I may not feel it all the time! I have been swelling a little but mostly on and off and only my feet and hands. I decided I don't mind being pregnant. I have nothing to complain about really. I get tired of course and some days feel fatter then others, stretch marks and all that good stuff, but I brought it upon myself lol. I wouldn't change it for the world.
Well it's late and I'm tired and work tomorrow so i'll upload pictures from Hawaii, pregnancy, and house sometime in the near future :) Good night!