Dr visit = ?

Another doctor visit=1 more cm=2cm!!! Yes one more step closer to having this baby! and 50% instead of 25% thinned! It's getting so close and so exciting! Just trying to be patient and relax but it is hard when all I'm doing is sitting around the house! But cross your fingers, perhaps plans can stay the same and the baby comes right away! Sorry no recent pictures! But there will be a lot more soon of our little runt when it comes!


Come on baby come on!

So only 2 weeks left and I'm thinking today or tomorrow is the perfect day to have this baby!!! My sisters are planning the shower for next Saturday so we need the baby here or else we are going to have to move it to the following weekend which would be a lot more hectic and unnecessary lol. So this baby needs to listen up and COME OUT! I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and I am 1 cm dilated (it's a start!) and only 25% thinned. I think she might have stripped my membranes a bit without telling me, what a sneaky doctor, but I'm not complaining because I'll take any help I can get! I've also had quite a bit of pink discharge and cramping, she said those are both really good signs. We booked an appointment for Monday but she said, "I just might see you before then..." How exciting would that be!!! So I'm trying to be patient and give it today to see what happens and if nothing I might just do something myself! This weekend would just be perfect timing is all, and the baby will only be a week and a half early which is not bad. Jeff is wanting me to go into labor in the morning sometime so he can get a good sleep the night before lol I don't think that's a bad request if I say so myself. But other than baby stuff everything is same old really. Well here are the belly pictures that Jeff and I got done last week! I was so excited when she said they were done I instantly was calling her to go get them! Ashley is an amazing photographer if your ever looking!


37 weeks! Thanks Ashley!

37 weeks pregnant and still going... Can't wait for the baby to get here! More photos to come!


36, 36, 36!!!

OH THE CRAZINESS!!! Jeff and I are going to be parents in 4 weeks! I wouldn't mind it coming within the next couple weeks because I think my body is about done. We keep wondering what the baby will be and what it'll look like! It makes me that much more excited to meet it! We have everything... I think ha! a couple weekends ago we went on a trip to the states and bought everything we know we will need from onsies to diapers to hygiene stuff to a stroller/car-seat! We love the set we got it's super cute! We've heard not to buy it from the states but after talking a bunch of friends of ours they all get theirs from there so figured what's the worst that could happen. The border didn't even care which was nice! We didn't end up buying to many clothes because we don't want all yellow and greens so we got a few for a girl and few for a boy then once we have it we will buy more that's for sure! Lately I have been getting Braxton Hicks like crazy! I've got them since 20 weeks pregnant at least but now they come on every 5 minutes or so, sometimes Jeff wonders if I'm really have contractions but I figure I'll know when it's the real thing! Lately we have been busy but everything is going good. Jeff hurt his hand Monday when a piece of hardwood kicked back on the table saw and took a good gouge out of his palm but he was mostly in pain from the impact. So all week he couldn't work but it looks to be healing really nicely and he'll be back to work tomorrow! We have been getting more hardwood done these past few nights and it is getting sooo close to being done! I'm getting really excited and it looks amazing! Thanks babe!!! Well one more week of work for me and I'm done!!! It'll be weird not going to work every day because I love where I work and all the girls are so fun to be around and work with, but at the same time I'm excited to be able to stay home. Well I keep telling my sisters i'll put a belly picture up... so.... Here it is!!! And yes it is only my belly but being as pregnant as I am, I just don't feel up to taking pictures lol. Oh and I will post more pictures later from random summer stuff once I get them loaded onto the computer. Until then, Later Gaters!!!

36 weeks prego! Can't believe it's almost here!