Braxton hicks?! I think their here to stay! I wasn't exactly sure what braxton hicks were until recently and realized i've been having them for the last week and a half. It's kind of a weird feeling but kind of cool at the same time. I'm not to sure what I think of them when I have to pee because it just squashes the bladder even more! Hopefully I won't end up wetting myself ahha that would be funny... Well kind of... K not really. Oh and to add to my cold and yeast infection(which i'm finally getting over) I have a bladder infection! Not fun, but it comes with pregnancy unfortunately and we have no choice!

A picture finally! 30 weeks!

Ok ok so I went to get the mail today and found an envelope labeled "Lethbridge Regional Police" and instantly knew it was a photo radar ticket! DANG! So I opened it up and saw it was the truck and on a day I worked, so assumed it was Jeff. Wrong! I did work that day but only till 2:00! And the ticket was written for just after 3:00 and Jeff was already in Lethbridge working and I went into town to get stuff for the house! MY FIRST TICKET! What a shame lol I was doing so good that's for sure. (well not with no speeding but getting away with it lol) So tomorrow I will be paying my very first ticket for $89.00 but at least I won't be getting any demerits!

Do I look guilty???


What's new?!

We're in our house!!! Finally! It feels so good to be in our own place and feel more at home! We still have a few things to get done but other then that everything is unpacked and we are settled, other then everything that goes on the walls and all that fun stuff. I want to wait and see where we get all our furniture then decide where to put everything else. The one thing that is getting to us is no cupboard handles lol I know I know, Your all probably thinking, "Why'd you move in?!" Well that's what we have asked ourselves multiple times, but if you were living with parents you to would want to get in your own place asap! Not that it was bad living with them but being newly married and a baby on the way, we didn't feel settled at all! So back to the cupboards, we are finally picking the handles up today!!! YAY! Can't wait! So the house is coming along.

It's been going really good! I don't get morning sickness, doing good not being tired all the time, and the baby is alive! Of course that's a good thing but it is none stop kicking all the time and weird kicking to. Like it is a little spastic in there. I wonder who it gets that from.. ha Well then again both Jeff and I are both crazy people ha. Until now I have been able to avoid getting sick. I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose, sore throat, and to top it off a yeast infection! FUN!!! Well not really but not much I can do about it other then resting and getting better. Just over 10 weeks to go so let's hope for everything to go smoothly! We are getting anxious!

Father's Day-
Jeff's first Father's Day! Some of you may think that it's stupid to celebrate it with the baby not even born yet, but I think that's the exciting part and mine as well celebrate it starting now! I made Jeff a candy gram (Thanks to sista' for the idea) It turned out so good! He has almost downed all the chocolate bars so I think he liked it to!!! (picture to come when I decide to load the pictures ha) We went to his parents for a little bit that evening to visit with everyone, then headed for dinner with my side of the family! It was a relaxing but fun day!

A little thought on life-
Recently I read a blog of a couple from Utah who were in a massive plane crash. The wife was badly burnt compared to the husband but he did get a good beating as well. They have 5 kids if I remember correctly and after everything that has happened they always seem to find the good in life, even with her never looking the same again. They smile and laugh and play all the time! So that got me thinking about mine and Jeff's life. We don't always have all the money we want or need, we may not have all the toys we want, or the things for the house we want, but I do know that we have eachother and in the end that's all that matters!

I'm grateful for Jeff, for the hard worker he is and the best husband I could ever ask for!
I'm grateful for our baby. Once it's here it will change our lives, maybe not always laughing and smiling, crying and diaper changing comes with it to, but I know it will change us for the better and we will do anything to provide for it and more kids to come in the future.
I'm grateful for our house and the hard work we have done to accomplish such a big job and make it our own.
I'm grateful for family and the love they show us.
I'm grateful that we can get through each day knowing everything's gonna be ok.
I love my life and wouldn't change it for the world! (Well, I guess I wouldn't mind winning the $50 million this friday, is that to much to ask? ;)