We're alive!!!

Wow, it has been way to long since I have blogged! To be honest I have no good excuse. I almost thought of just deleting the blog all together but after reading back at my blog when we had Laynie, it made me so grateful I had it written down to go back to! So now I have decided to blog once a week! We haven't been up to much this past bit. Jeff started a new job on the mines where he is gone 4 days and home 4 days. It was hard at first but now I just keep myself busy and it goes by quick. Laynie and I just hang out inside lately. It has been raining everyday and when it's not it's cold! It totally sucks! I WANT SUMMER! Laynie loves it outside! We could spend all day everyday out there and she would be one happy girl! She is now 21 months old! SO CRAZY! Where has the time gone. In September she will be 2!! She's not a little baby anymore. I'm taking her to a speech assesment appointment next week because she can't communicate that well. She understands everything we say and is super smart but she doesn't say to many words and the ones she does know she won't say often. I'm not to worried but we'll get her checked just in case. Other than that things are pretty laid back around here. We has Easter, my 22nd birthday, and Laynie and I flew down to Oregon for my sister Steph's wedding! Congrats Kevin and Steph! We did get a quad and Jeff loves it! Unfortunately, it hasn't been nice enough out to take it out for the day but hopefully soon!

Here are a few pictures for your satisfaction :)

Daddy and Laynie getting ready to look for her Easter basket 

Found it :)

Happy Birthday to ME!

Laynie's first plane ride! She was so good! 

Waiting for the plane!

Off we go!

 Taking the quad out for the first time!

We're so hot ;)