Baby Bump

So finally here is a picture of my baby bump! I am 16weeks + 2 days here. The bump feels like it is getting bigger every day. I get out of bed and put on my clothes and I can just tell it is changing and it makes me so happy! Of course there is the thoughts of stretch marks and gaining weight but I'm not to worried about it because I know it is for the best and in the end we will be so happy with the outcome.. A Baby Schaffer :) I keep wondering what it will look like... Will it have Jeff's nose, my eyes, the Schaffer black hair, or hair like Jeff's when he was a baby which was beach blonde! What I really just pray for though is the baby will come out with all it's limbs attached and be healthy. That is all we can ask for! So I added the baby widget to my sidebar----> I think the baby kind of looks gangly and needs more fat on it lol. But that's why I have to wait another 24 weeks so it can grow big and strong! Well hopefully not to big because I don't think my body would be able to handle a big baby. I'm hoping for 6-7 lbs-ish would be nice. I want a smaller baby because they are so darn cute. Jeff wants a big baby because they always seem to sleep better lol. Jeff also is hoping for a boy and I don't blame him, every dad hopes for a boy so he can fish, camp, and play sports with him. We have already bought 2 things for a boy lol A sleeper that looks like a little baseball uniform with the different colored sleeves, and then we bought a flannel long sleeve button up that is blue and black and it is soooo cute!!! Makes me want to have a boy just so he can wear them. I told Jeff that I now have to buy something for a girl so then we can have one thing for each gender! It's kind of a little challange lol He thinks it'll be a boy and I think a girl. We'll see :) Well here is the picture... Enjoy :)



So it's been a while since, and I figured I should update everyone on what's happening in the life of Jeff and Brittany. Christmas was amazing! We had everyone here and celebrated it at Mom and Dad's. Christmas Eve was split up this year so we got to spend time with both our families and had a blast! New years was spent with my family and it will probably be rare to get everyone together esp. now that everyone's own families are starting to grow and before we know it everyone will be having their own Christmas's by themselves. The last few months have been busy with both Jeff and I working, Jeff working on the house, (hopefully we'll be in end of April no late), and now we have moved in with his parents to save money for... THE BABY!!! Yes it is true we are having a baby and we are sooo excited!!! I am due September 8 which makes me 15 weeks now! At first I kept thinking it was going by sooo slow but now almost 15 weeks along! It's insane! I haven't been to sick just here and there but I think i'm pretty lucky. We also heard the heartbeat last week!!! I could have started to cry but I was laughing to much! I think having Jeff hear the heartbeat made him more excited and made it more realistic! Of course us girls know that we're pregnant with all the changes with the body and stuff but until the Dad hears the heartbeat or goes to the ultrasound, they kind of are dull about the whole thing. Lol not to say Jeff wasn't excited from the beginning but I think now he realizes he is really going to be a dad and I know he is going to be amazing at it!!! We have been saving bottles to save money for baby stuff, so anyone that has recycling... Hand it over!!! Jk but that would help ;) I just recently started to kind of show but I think me more then anyone can notice because all my jeans, except one pair, don't fit to well anymore unfortunately. But more shopping for me right :) We haven't decided 100% if we are going to find out the sex but Jeff, I can tell, is leaning more towards not finding out, I would like either way. They both have their pro's and con's. We have a boy and girl name picked out already and pretty sure we will use them because they are so dang cute!!! For a girl we love Laynie Lynn (possible change with the spelling) and for a boy Talon James. (p.s. what are suggestions on spelling it?) What do you think?! Their cute, I know :) Any other suggestions for names we're opened to! Well enough about the whole pregnancy because what we are really looking forward to is... HAWAII!!!! Yes yes yes!!! We are going in May with Brandon and Kristy and we are so excited! Probably the last getaway without the baby, but there is always parents close by, right?! Anyways that is what is happening right now in our lives. House, Hawaii, and Baby! I think I can settle for that much, because I couldn't ask for anything better! P.S. I'll post a belly picture soon!