All about... Mindy!

Before reading this post, check out this post on my sister, Mindy's, blog... 

Ok, now we can continue. Pretty funny eh!? Ya she thought so lol. But what kind of sister would I be if I never did a post about her! So as my sister Mindy stated that I am the pro at ugly faces (And yes I have some good ones) But the real truth to the story is I learned them from her! Yes, Mindy forgot to mention that she taught me how to make ugly faces and I have proof... 

I KNOW RIGHT! Yes she is the BEST at it! K, don't mind the outfit or the hair, we're looking at the face here people! Ha. K now to the part about the christmas tree costume. Pretty hilarious!!! I don't blame Mindy for not wanting to put a picture up from when she wore the one my mom made but I think it was because she never had access to a picture. BUT... I DO! I found an album of my mom's with a halloween picture in it and luckily there she was. Mindy-The Christmas Tree! BAHAHAH! (Love you Min!!!)

Aren't we cute!? I think all these costumes my mom made, we always had the best ones. Don't you think??? I'm not sure what my mom was exactly thinking when she thought Mindy should be a Christmas Tree for Halloween... But she did get first place at school! LOVE YOU MIN!


Summer fun

Hey bloggers!!! Well Ones that read this ha. I haven't blogged in a very long time, since March! This year since Laynie was born has been INSANE! Jeff has had 2 elbow surgeries and his gall bladder removed (which may I add, didn't solve anything) It sucks having his health so low right now but we're hoping he's back to normal sooner than later. So this past year I've kind of been a single mother taking care of my hubby and Laynie. It hasn't been to bad but it has been such a big help having awesome family around to help! Other than all that, nothing much has happened. We have just been enjoying our time together, even though  Jeff's been sick, and hanging out a home most the time. This summer we got out a few times with family. Went to Red Rock, Waterton Dam for boating, Kalispell/Big Sky Waterslides for 2 days, been to the public outdoor pool, and of course had a few trips to Lethbridge. Our biggest event to happen is Laynie turned 1!!! I can't believe a whole year has gone by, it's so crazy! She is getting so big and learning so much. She isn't walking yet but yesterday took a few steps if she "thought" I was hanging onto her lol, she has 0 teeth but maybe soon, she folds her arms, claps, plays peek-a-boo, waves hi/bye, she eats anything we give her (her favorites are bananas and any sort of snack) I bet she can eat a banana faster than anyone I know! Ha she downs a whole one within 45 secs at least! Her favorite show is Backyardigans and she loves sitting in her new princess chair and watch the show with her dolly and a snack of course. She loves getting into everything! She loves the bathrooms and our bedroom for some reason. She is a waterbaby and has been since she was born! She loves baths and swimming in any water. She even liked Red Rock and that water is FREEZING! She loves coming shopping with me and riding in the cart. She is always super good when we go places and just likes to watch everyone and what they are doing. I could go on and on with the things she does but I don't want to brag to much ;) 

              For sale! Yes our house is on the market and we are wanting to sell it asap and rent something cheaper. Jeff is in the application process for the RCMP so we're hoping once his elbow heals fully, he can finish and hopefully get accepted! It would be such a blessing financially and it's a good stable job. So if he does get in, he will be at training for 6 months in Regina and it would be better to be in something smaller and less up-keep while he's gone. It's going to be hard with him not here but I'm all for it because I know he'll love his job and it would be so good for us in the long run! 

Well here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately! Enjoy :)

Playing in her princess pool on the driveway

 Jeff cooking steaks on the new BBQ!

Date Night!

Kalispell! Big Sky Waterslides!

Mommy and Laynie

 Hanging out in the sun

 Laynie cuddling her favorite stuffy!

The Birthday Girl!

 Her new chair! She was so excited!

 Happy Birthday Laynie!