A Little Project

So I figured before the baby was here I wanted to make a blanket but because we don't know the gender I didn't want to go through all the work and make a big, heavier blanket. So until the baby is born I made some receiving blankets and then once it's here i'll try to find the time to make an actual blanket that fits the gender more! So here is what I have been doing for the past two days...


Sneak Peak

So I figured I would take some updated pictures of the baby to be, But because Jeff wasn't home I figured I'd use Photo Booth and have a little fun!

32 weeks 5 days, close enough to 33... right :)

This one shows the actual size of my belly, the next one is just fun!


Coming Soon...

8 Weeks left! It's crazy that Jeff and I are going to be parents so soon! We are excited but a little nervous. I just hope the labor goes well and that we can raise this little one with all the love and support it needs and deserves! We haven't bought a whole lot but next weekend we're going to the states to buy all the necessities we need for when this little baby arrives. We're having the baby shower after the baby is here so we don't end up with everything being yellow and green and also not having to buy everything on our own because it sure adds up!
So... Think we'll make a cute baby???

I love him